Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger / Changelog

1.4.10 changelog
- fixed hang during loading in ProTools DAW
- fixed issue with wrong routing of FX busses after loading a preset in specific circumstances
- fixed issue with granular envelope global first trigger
- fixed issue with retriggering ARP notes when legato is being used and the chorder voices are being turned on and off
- fixed mouse wheel +12 steps for OSC transpose dial
- fixed issue with hanging ARP when sustain pedal is used
- fixed issue with playing ARP notes that were too long / too short after changing the ARP speed


1.4.9 changelog

- added/fixed: Avenger reports a latency to your DAW now for correct auto compensation. You can set this up on the SYS Page "Off" (regular/default behaviour with zero live play latency - "Dynamic" (latency rises depending on the number of Limiters or Comps being used in the preset) and "Fixed" 5,10 or 15ms" (one Limiter or Compressor needs 2,5ms lookahead, so 15ms can compensate 6 of these effect types)
- added: "set global" button for the latency mode: updates all Avengers in your current song project to the desired setting with one click
- added new stereo compensated mode for the VSAW with even voice-counts (2voices, 4voices and 6voices are now equally divided in the stereo field)
- added a new button: ARP "Auto-Follow" - the ARP view will follow your pattern changes if active
- VMAN only logs into the account when opening VMAN. this should speedup loading time alot
- general improvement of loading times
- fixed: loading a new drumkit and having locked drumslots will now lock all the parameters (vol/pitch etc) of the locked slots, too
- fixed: correct snapping steps to the FM Rate dial when moving it with the mousewheel 
- fixed: DC offset in shaper with mode "polynom"
- fixed: bug with triggering mod env if the triggering OSC has a different keyrange
- fixed: issue with appearing "PITCH8" route in the drums after removing MasterFX from a selected range of drumslots
- fixed: pitch envelope in loop mode was not correctly synced to your DAW's BPM after loading a preset in certain circumstances
- Avenger will update the init preset to a new version, because of important changes due to recently added new features. A backup of your customized init-presets will be created
- many minor improvements and fixes


1.4.8 changelog

- added new SYNC MIX modes 100%,75%,50%,25% to specify the intensity of the sync effect (can be found in the context menu)
- included ARP Poly mode to the LATCH modes
- fixed an issue in drum sequencer reverse sample end sync
- fixed an issue with modulation assignent for OSC-Sample stacker slot when another slot was removed
- fixed a note hang when switching to endless sub while a note is active
- fixed a issue with wrong display of enldess sub mode when it is modulated byn the modmatrix
- fixed an issue with note hang when bypassing the plugin
- fixed a crash when using the search function in the soundbrowser and then navigating with the arrows in the browser
- fixed some minor issues in the chord detection

1.4.7 changelog

- fixed a problem with ARP fixed note / Chord Detection
- fixed issue with too much CPU usage on idle in specific circumstances
- fixed an optical issue with switching off the Endless-Sub-Switch mode

1.4.6 changelog

- fixed APR/DRUM-SQ playback issue when not using a LATCH-Sync mode

1.4.5 changelog

- massively improved chord detection modes
- VST3 fixed an issue where Avenger received MIDI-CC Data even if there was none
- fixed a GUI crash when double clicking the OK button in a pop-up message ( i.e. Initialize Preset)
- fixed a rare crash when cross FM was not set correct

- added Arp/DrumSQ-trigger option LATCH to SYS-page

- improved MIDI data readout. Its 2 rows now for better readability

- fixed a issue with OSC-target names were wrong after removing OSCs
- added new source that triggers if a MIN or a MAJ chord was detected
- added OSC-StartKey/EndKey mod target
- added OSC Keyzone as mod-target

- fixed odd scroll behaviour in Drumkit browser when saving a drumkit preset.
- fixed a issue with pre-delaying samples timing was not correct if SQ Speed was other than 1/16

 - new endless sub Menu
 - new endless sub mode: endless sub switch
 - added octave and note offset to endless sub modes

- improved search: Now it is possible to search in a specific expansion for a search string
- sound preview plays always note "C" now

- fixed an issue where the expansion list was not updated after activationg a new expansion in VMAN

1.4.2 hotfix
- fixed a problem with arp notes did irgnore legato
- fixed a problem with poly legato split zone load/save
1.4.1 - minor fixes
- minor internal changes to fix the crash on preset save.
- sorting folder list for multisample import
- fixed a small issue with multisample-conversion for sample-stacker
- fixed a issue with changing chorder-arp presets would stop arp playback
- fixed note-hang issue
- adjusted font-brightness in the fx-section for the vintage skin
1.4.0 - Chord - ARP update
- added new Arpeggiator module: Chord Mode
- added Per-Note strumming for ARP Chord and Poly mode
- added ARP cotave shift-button (or chord intervall/variation shift in chord mode )
- added selection capabilities to the ARP (hold shift to draw a box and select multiple items)
- added copy/paste 1st or 2nd half of an ARP pattern
- added ARP Humanize function (randomly shifts notes positive AND negative in time)
- ARP: added chord detection as "fixed note mode" where only the base note of a pressed chord is played. Perfect for bass adds to pads or SQs.
- fixed an issue with ARP patternmode poly fixed note
- fixed an issue with ARP fixed note octaves parameter not working properly
- fixed an issue with displaying arp pattern modulation in negative direction
- added a new free skin: Vintage Skin for Avenger by SatYa Tunes
- added new FX type: Clipper (Distortion)
- added new FX type: VMS Stereo Expander 
- added new FX type: VMS Stereo Shifter
- improved UNDO for removing a FX from a send slot, which could affect OSC/Drums routing
- changed OSC-soundbrowser preview. its playing  1sec with a single click, if the file is longer, hold the mouse button to preview longer than 1sec
- added scrolling target texts in the mod matrix when the text is longer than the textbox
- fixed a issue with noise-phase lock when using a lower noise-sample rate.
- fixed an issue with tempo-update in the Trancegate
- fixed an issue with PitchBend and value mapping.
- fixed some memory leaks related to VMAN
- fixed a crash when GUI vanished after initializing the preset ( very rare )
- OSC Transpose dial has a improved scale when using the mouse-wheel. Now changes 12 semitones or 1 semitone when using shift mouse-wheel
- GRANULAR: added "Convert To Granular" to context on the Granular-Sample display. Rightclick to open the context. File will be loaded automaticaly to the OSC after conversion. This is only available on User-Samples, when the source-file is available.
- the minigame "MIDIWARS", which was exclusively in the 8/16Bit XPs is now available for everyone
also updated Factory Content to R5!
hundreds of new presets for ARP (chord mode), FX chains, Mod Env, FX, etc...

- added new function for DRUM-SQ: "REVERSE SAMPLE". You can access it in the ROLL-MODE context. That will playback the sample reverse. The tempo anchor point is the Step next to, where the arrow will point at
- added Shape for a MOD entry / slot in the MOD MATRIX. With that function you can additionaly shape the modulation value before if modifies the target.

- added new LFO Parameter: "Synced Mod." When this is turned on, rate changes via modulation will be synced to your Song BPM, meant it will switch the Rate only at full cycle values to stay in sync. So a 32th to 8th wobble will always sound tight in your mix.
- added "CLEAR" button to DrumSQ. Clears all notes
- added UNDO for preset load. If you accidentially load a preset, you can un-do this.
- added COPY/PASTE for FX settings, now you can copy FX specific settings from one instance of an insert FX to another instance
- added ENDLESS BASS Mode playing the octaves from the ARP. Endless Bass Mode also only takes 1/1 voice now in the Voices page / global voice limit.
- added ARP shuffle is now working correct on pattern lenghts that are not related to 4/4 ( esp. odd pattern lengths, i.e. length 9 or length 7)
- added KEYTRACK to insert FX: Filter. Good if you want to use the new Comb filter for example on the master sum or an effect bus.
- added visual feedback for inner dials (i.e. OSC PAN, Noise color etc...)
- added visual feedback for the OSC's HP/LP Filter bar
- added phase-lock for OSC Noise, very handy for static attack-noises (Drum sound design)
- added OSC-endless bass mode as mod target
- added: quick assign drum slots to aux or specific FX bus. Now you can route all AUX Outputs with 1 click
- changed: loading a ModEnv preset does not chagne the trigger-mode anymore
- changed: preset search->added VARIOUS folder to author context where authors with less than 10 presets are listed
- fixed issue with solo-ed sample stacker after loading a new sample to a stacker slot where all slots were audible again
- fixed DrumSQ. leftClick CNTRL to move the event free from the bpm-grid. Was working before but the note had to be selected first - now its easier to use. Great for Humanized Drum patterns
- fixed drum kit route gain-slider
- fixed a issue in AAX format where not all AUX outputs were processed correct.
- fixed an issue with resample/wavetable beat selector which was working only for OSC1
- fixed wandering crossFM attack sound
- fixed StepSQ clicks in stereo mode when stereo width is not 100%
- fixed an issue where granular-env position-dot did display the position of OSC1 even if OSC2 was selected
- fixed an issue where custom-samples was not stored correct in the sample-stacker
- fixed an issue with insert FX Filter "inertia". Now the insert FX: Filter is much faster for modulations.
- fixed an issue with Arp clock mode "first note" and play with multiple patterns where the arp did start at pattern A but B should have been already reached.
- fixed an issue in the mod matrix. modulating the strength of an slot using a per-voice-source where the target of the modulated slot is not per-voice
- fixed: changing StepSQ state and stepSQ module on multiple-selected drumSlots does not work
- fixed: mod-matrix slot strength modulation "bar" showed wrong value if mod add was used to modulate the strength
- fixed: granular-envelope speed mode wsa not saved/loaded correct
- fixed: crash when removing ARP1 after ARP2 was created.
- fixed a scrolling issue, when adding a new target/source to a quite full modmatrix
- fixed retriggering voices on chorder on/off and active legato
- VMAN: fixed: expansion not visible after downloading and importing it via VMAN
- VMAN: fixed: wrong folder for VMAN bitmap cache on MAC OS
- tons of minor bugfixes and imporovements

- added VMANAGER(beta) to manage the expansions in your account.
- added snap for ARP Pattern length
- improved preset search startup (loading a index list from harddrive so that it must not be created each time the plugin is started)
- fixed a issue for OSX GUI implementation that caused a very highg CPU usage
- fixed a crash caused by the COMB KEY filter
- fixed a tuning error for C-3...D#-3
- fixed some memory leaks
- fixed a issue where arp pattern length 16 could result in length 17
- fixed a issue that caused the routing display to show "#ERROR" after initalizing a OSC and disabling a filter-route
- fixed a problem with pitch-steps-parameter calulation
- fixed a click-noise at sample loops points (introduced with 1.3.0)
- fixed a issue where removing a module could cause a routing into a module of the same type for two times. ( i.e. 2x shaper1 when removing shaper 2)
- fixed a issue with DelayFX-Kill Feedback if it is pressed manualy and is modified via the mod matrix could cause a CPU spike

1.3.3 - hotfix
- fixed a crash starting a sound from the drum kit

- fixed a issue where it may occour that not all expansions were visible.
- fixed a issue with recursive cross FM ( OSC3-> OSC2 ->OSC 1 ) where OSC3 was not handled correct

1.3.1 - Hotfix
- removed a memory leak that was intorduced with 1.3.0
- fixed a small issue with deleting a FM-Source OSC. it does not get stuck in source mode anymore


- added REAL-FM. a OSC can be used as FM Shape.
- small cpu improvements on pitch module
- SYSTEM ID is displayed on the SYSTEM-Tab.
- improved sfz code. !Not all SFZ files will be handled correct. Avenger does not support layering ( multiple samples for same note velocity ), also "#include" opcode will be ignored.
- added MIDI-CC Learn for PREV/NEXT preset
- added MIDI-CC Learn for Macro-buttons 
- fixed: Preset Browser Category sorting for OSX High Sierra with APFS
- fixed: FX Chorus, created "phased" sound on disable/enable fx.
- fixed: problem reading skin-zip files that were created on OSX
- fixed a issue where the SteqSQ enabled parameter was always set ON after loading a project
- fixed a crash that may occur after removing a OSC between 2 oscillators that are using samples.



- added new filter model: "COMB KEY". This one is perfectly tuned (keytrack). Use it on waveforms or attack clicks 
- added favourite rating system (star) for presets. You can tag your favourite presets and search for them in the search page
- added new roll/flam modes pattern to drum kit sequencer. Fade ins/outs and many more new rolls!
- added new OSC formant mode "x-fade", very smooth and handy for wavetables where the waveform does not start with a zero-crossing
- added line draw mode for FFT-Harmonic & FFT Bin (use ALT key % mouse click)
- added audio preview for shapes, freeform & wavetables in the OSC sound browser
- added new modsource: osc-pitch-keytrack. Try this on formant/x-cite for example to get smooth transitions when using portamento legato
- added current BPM is shown now in the top bar display
- added more voice-limit intervals
- added more master gain intervals
- added own format for user-skin files, so developers are not forced to release their source-images
- added multisample converter for SFZ files. (WAV and AIF samples are supported) Just rightclick on a sfz file in Avengers' browser and convert
- added the OSC browser sound preview now correctly use the loop points in the sample
- added more modulation display in numeric/text box views. (for example OSC gain, Arp Speed etc...)
- added tool-tip for Granular start/end locators
- fixed a crash on NPOINT envelope if loop-end is too close to its left neighbour
- fixed: "loop enable" button was always "ON" after loading a preset that contains a user-sample
- fixed: WaveTable/Granular Sample overlay logic issue
- fixed: Drum Slot Lock state will be resetted on initialize/preset load
- fixed: Zones Page ModMatrix KEYTRACK Slot label was not visible in other zoom modes than 100%
- fixed: issue with loading "Sustain Release Jump" Envelope mode when loading a preset.
- fixed: issue with "Default Settings" on Mod envelope browser did not load a customized "Default Preset"
- fixed: npoint envelope sustain jump mode could have caused strange behavior on specific circumstances
- fixed: fixed a problem with drum kits and locked slots where the locked samples was replaced on save/reload
- fixed: adjusted size for the "X" on Dial-Mod controller. It was too tiny
- fixed: adjusted font size of i.e. ModEnvelope Trigger Mode context for labels "GLOBAL" & "PER VOICE". These were too tiny
- fixed a issue with sample stacker and exclude start offset for a slot

- added: progress bar for function "publish expansion"
- fixed: ARP muting itself on touching notes
- fixed: minor issue on loading NPoint Envelopes
- fixed: aliasing chorder oscs when VSAW num oct parameter = 1
- fixed: rare click sounds that were audible on voice start while send-fx strength was modulated
- fixed: renaming a preset and using prev/next arrows did load the wrong preset
- fixed: sample name for user samples in the stacker is displayed correct
- fixed: midi CC import did not update GUI, import did append the list instead of replacing it

- fixed wrong inital values for mixer volumes after preset load. this caused some "pop" sound in specific circumstances
- fixed a issue with AM-FM filter in the filter module wich have been very slow
- implemented cursor key support for the preset view in the content search
- fixed: using right-arrow in the new sound browser did accidently load a new preset instead of the selected sound
- fixed: missing drum-sequencer notes
- improved Avenger loading time


- added system-ID locked licenses
- included: new Avenger skin: Chrono_Jade by SatYa!
- fixed: high CPU usage on some filter models while no audio was playing
- new mode: if you right-click on the Drumkit lock buttons, they will lock all exept the clicked button
- fixed a crash that occurs while loading a sample while playing notes.
- fixed a crash in the new sound browser
- fixed a crash on loading VPS Avenger
- WIN: fixed importing expansions from folders that containing UTF8 chars
- fixed Drumkit browser lock-state is was not remembered when reopening the GUI
- fixed a rare problem with double drum sequencer notes on loop
- fixed Minichain FX "Drum SQ BD" Triggermode
- fixed a logic-problem when OSC voice limit was set to 1, ARP was active for a OSC and Wavetable trigger was set to "FIRST"
- under certain environments preset loading time is faster now
- dozens of small improvements and minor bugfixes
- preparations under the hood for the next synthesis module




- fixed invisible value readouts
- fixed reordering FX-Slots did not update the GAIN-dails
- fixed ARP-MiniNote handling
- fixed vanishing VEL-Curve buttons on GUI scales < 80%
- fixed a problem with long ARP notes when the ARP length was changed afterwards
- fixed removing a OSC will reset Keyzones for folling OSCs
- fixed click sound caused by midi patterns with single notes in a cue ( ie. 1/4 pattern )
- added a write-permission check before the license file will be replaced. this should prevent confusion about still-locked expansions after license import
- changed: Updates will be downloaded via Avenger again. ( v1.2.0 did just open the browser ) a progress bar is displayed instead the unreadable circle animation


- added Key-File import via SystemTab->Content->button "Import Content"
- added LICENSE-GUIDE. This will show up if Avenger loads an expansion without having the licenes for it.
- fixed: droping a custom sample onto the osc will not automatically switch to Granular mode. Granular mode must be set first to load sample into granular-osc's
- fixed a issue with the library that was invisible if the Computer was running longer than 3-4 days.
- fixed: Transpose of stacker-sample not working correct after retriggering a note
- fixed a ARP releated CPU spike
- fixed Granular Envelope is not working correct on old customized init-presets
- fixed issue in SoundBrowser where selecting a freeform shape did not set the correct synthesis


1.2.0 - big GRANULAR Update
- added new Granular synthesis module
- added 32 new Granular presets 
- added granular factory library with 219 waveforms/loops for granular synthesis
- added new mighty soundbrowser to load sounds into an OSC
- added the library for the "resampler" into ne new browser
- added new release mode for mod-envelope (releasing the note in an attack phase will jump to the correspondent volume in the release phase)
- fixed a problem with ARP undo for patterns B, C, D
- fixed some ARP issues like hanging notes, pattern issues
- fixed a issue with loading Impulse samples for "FX Impulse" effect
- added "verify expansion" to the expansion browser, so that customer expansions can be verified before
  publishing them. That shows issues with using content from other expansions than the target expansion or the factory.
- added version check for presets: You can not longer load a preset in an outdated Avenger version (example: a preset created with 1.2 using the new granular module loaded into an Avenger 1.0) which would otherwise lead to a crash.
- added new DrumSequencer functions: export to MIDI and import from MIDI, just rightclick in the DrumSQ area below
- added the possibility of live recording the Arpeggiator note output into Midi (only supported for DAWs which allow MIDI return, and only VST2/3). Just create a new MIDI track and select VPS Avenger as input source.
- INIT preset load fix. The correct INIT preset should now be loaded for everyone
- dozens of smaller bugfixes



1.1.2 hotifx
- fixed the crash that was introduced with verion 1.1.1
- fixed the content import problem at the end of a sucessfull import process


- added support for WAV samples in 32bit PCM format.
- shortcut: now its possible to delete an envelope point with left click ALT
- selecting a mod source on the small triangle symbol will reveal the mod-source in the GUI (zooming red crosshair rectangle)
- OSC Wavetable envelope can now be used as modulation source for other targets than the osc it belongs to
- fixed: adding a source via the " "-button in the modmatrix is working again
- fixed: masterfilter will now load its settings in a project correctly
- pitch envelope did affect OSCs, even if it was not activated in the routing. This if fixed now
- after converting a multisample, the sample was not available in the stacker menu (" " button) directly. This is fixed
- fixed: changing the length of a looping modenvelope during playback lead to a "jumping" playbackposition
- fixed some memory leaks
- fixed a rare crash when a pitch envelope / mod envelope used a mode that used "release"


- custom samples can now be loaded into the OSC via drag and drop from the browser
- added loop editor page for these new imported samples
- added skin selector on the SYS page
- new skin: COBALT BLUE by Satya
- added masterfilter post gain (for post drive gain adjustments)
- added new live play option for the ARP on the SYS page: "Poly Arp quantize". Defines the grid where new notes are positioned when you play live
- added a new shaper mode "EQ-only". The distortion is bypassed and you now only have a (polyphonic) 2 band EQ for each note
- osc phase & microfade modulation can now be assigned via drag n drop
- improved GUI Loading time
- improved OSC-Wave selector open time.
- improved visualization: fast-modulation ring movements now displaying 100% movements correctly
- converting a shape & converting a multisample does create a tune file automaticaly. You can open it with a txt editor for transpose and gain settings.
- removed syspage option for "sustain pedal mode". Mode will now automatically be in "SUSTAIN" mode, when the sustain pedal is NOT used for anything in the mod matrix. If the sustain pedal is used as a switch for something else (for example switching minor/major), it will not sustain notes endlessy as long as this modulation is active.
- removed syspage option for "accelerated sampleload". This mode is now permanently "on", since it had no negative consequences.
- while transposing / moving ARP pattern notes will no longer reset the transpose value when clipping on the max or min heigth
- now ARP pattern notes will reset (by clicking middle mousebutton) to the nearest octave. For example a 14 transpose will reset to 12, instead of 0
- fixed click-noise issue in resampler when numWaves > available samples
- fixed an issues with loading VINTAGE CHORUS presets. Now all Chorus factory presets will sound as intended. 
- creating a new TG Module does not reset the SHUFFLE value any more
- display for Modulation ring for cutoff knob hung with the last midi note. This is no longer the case now
- fixed: orange triangle hung in the cutoff, even if there was no assigned modulation
- the editor rembembers selected TABS correct now.
- drumkits did not save correct after function "DrumKit copy sample to slot". This has been fixed
- when you save a Drumkit, now the correct last location when saving a drum kit is remembered
- there was a sorting issue in the mod matrix when removing entries that was created ealier than other items in the same source-group.
- wavetable envelope sequencer pattern mode "PING-PONG" works again as intended
- Route View displayed "ERROR" after removing a second filter module that was used in the routing. This has now been fixed
- Wavetable Env-Sequencer Mode "SILENCE" is now really "silent" again

- fixed a rare crash while loading a project that contains VPS Avenger
- fixed some sound and modulation issues in the Step-Sequncer
- minor changes and improvements

- fixed a crash when loading a preset that contains a ARP in RANDOM mode
- fixed a issue in Pro-Tools OSX where the Editor was not clickable with left MB on specifix circumstances
- fixed a random crash with sample playback
- fixed a error in sample FM while playing the sample-loop
- minor changes

- added: chorder transpose display shows now the modulated value ( on mouse over orginal unmodulated value is displayed )
- added: GAIN Modules in the routing can now be drag & drop modulated in the Mod Matrix
- increased the choices you have in the expansion browser view "number of expansions-per-row"
- increased set of pre-created category folders when a new user expansion is created
- exchanged user expansion icon with a completely blank version so its easier to create your own icons within it
- fixed CNTRL and Left mousebutton on OSX for expansion browser
- context menu in the expansion browser did not appear when clicking in an empty row, this is now fixed
- fixed Lock MasterVolume/MasterFilter/Shuffle
- freeform display was not loaded correctly if a sample was loaded before, this is now fixed
- fixed legato note-off while a ARP is active in the routing but disabled in the arp section itself.
- fixed an issue in AA-Flanger where a click-sound occured on specific circumstances

- fixed the WAVESHAPER FX crash (aka the Noiseburst bug)

- Added new button to lock the ARP Mode during ARP Preset load
- Added the ability to store and load complete FX-Chain Presets. New preset button appeared below the FX slots. For the first time: use "restore factory presets" function to create the new FX Chain factory presets
- New "Bypass" button added for each FX Page. This bypasses the complete FX Tab
- Improved Multisample load time multisamples should load up to 5x times faster now. (Added SYS page Option to disable accelerated Sample load if problems occur)
- Rightclick on preset: "Rename Preset" function. The text input for renaming is bigger now and better to read
- The Sub OSC now keeps playing, even when a short sample (Pluck sample for example) has been played and the sample/voice has ended
- fixed a crash when removing a sample from a sample-stacker-osc
- fixed missing labels for ARP7 & 8, PITCH7 & 8 in the routing tab
- fixed noise burst on Mac

- new feature: You can lock drumkit-slots now, so the sample does not change when you load a new drum kit. Now you are able to mix/shuffle the drum kits
- ARP-Key Mod value is sustained until the next arp note is fired. ( will not be resettet by an inactive arp note)
- Fixed memory Leaks
- fixed some random memory writes
- fixed a issue with "MISSING CONTENT" message on preset load if file system is case-sensitive
- fixed a issue with "noise" or clicks on AUX outputs when using samples rates > 44100
- minor changes

- fixed a problem with UTF8-Path Names and license import (WINDOWS)
- fixed renaming a module-preset (i.e. PITCH-preset)
- fixed a minor issue when editing DrumSQ velocity
- fixed left control opens the FX-context on OSX
- fixed the context offset in the mod matrix if the mod matrix display was scrolled down
- fixed a issue with OSC Group name(modmatrix) after adding new OSCs
- fixed a issue with wavetables and fast movements while VSAW is active with 2 or more octaves
- fixed a crash on osx loading projects where 2 ore more editors were opened

- OSC-Mixer VU displays correct db value now
- improved OSC Waveform Display graphic
- import of an avengercontent-file (expansion etc) can be done via the internal filebrowser now
- fixed a rare crash that occured while updateing modulations-display and a preset was loaded
- fixed a crash during preset load (endless mod-envelope-recursion)
- fixed AA Reverb: changing the roomtype does not update decay time correct
- added frequency analysis graphic in the background of the Equalizer effect 

- removing a modulation with the controller on the dial will also remove the strength-modulation-source of the row in the mod matrix
- modEnvelope reads presets correct
- fixed: TG Pattern is altered on Editor open and if TG is in Stereo Mode
- changed Filter Frequency Readout to Hz
- XP Preset view context menu save function is working as intended now
- fixed parameter readout in DAW for VST2/VST3
- avenger will notify DAW about paramter changes after preset load

- ARP Sync bug case with "touching" notes fixed
- fixed a problem in the NPoint-envelope that may lead to a unsync playstate while envelope is playing and points are changed
- used different font on SYS-TAB for better readability on small scale factors
- fixed: pitch envelope Sync-Triplets not working
- fixed a crash when using mousehweel on Filter-Additional mode selector while there are no additional modes
- fixed a issue with start-/end-key selector for ARP and StepSQ
- sustain pedal setting will not be overwritten on preset load
- it is not possible to load another preset while avenger is loading a preset
- browser file view scrollbar is visible again
- changed font-renderer. All Fonts should be more readable on small scales
- OSX AAX Version: Editor should be working normal now
- fixed a crash related to multiple threads reading the resources


- pitch dial in drums tab is visible again
- fixed a error in wav reader that skipped loading specific samples
- changed gui draw methode to imporve draw performance
- fixed a problem with AU Multi out where the final 8 were not processed

- sypage tabs added
- fps setting added
- improved sustain pedal mode. Pedal on OSCs with active ARP will hold the arps instead of the voices
- experimental: OSX resizing the GUI seamlessy is now possible on Mac
- Scale-Magnifier is clickable even if the "MISSING FACTORY CONTENT" window is visible. so the editor can be resized also on first start
- fixed a crash that occoured during startup on some hosts
- added some status messages in case GL-Rendering fails. this helps to address the problem
- fixed a issue in routing where adding a second shaper caused the route view to display "#ERROR"
- removing a LFO module does now remove the mod-matrix entries (as intended)
- added modulation indicator for sample-stacker volume
- fixed a problem im WAV reader that could cause a crash on some samples

- changed default size of the GUI to 75%. (for first start)
- improved import process. displaying more informations in case of a problem
- imporved GUI performance 
- added IMPORT button on system page for importing content if drag n drop does not work because of user-right-restrictions of the OS