Vengeance Producer Suite - Phalanx / Changelog

Version History:

Version 1.5.9 - changes:
- OS compatibility update

Version 1.5.8
- fixed a wrong behaviour while using midi controllers to move sample-start/end or loop-start/end that also may lead to a crash
- fixed a problem with sample drop from the browser that may drop a sample onto a wrong pad.
- fixed a error that stored too many samples in a preset file which lead to growing preests eacht time it was resaved
- added a option to disable sample saving in the host project.

Version 1.5.6
- fixed a problem in the FX section that may lead to a clicking noise in specific circumstances
- fixed a problem with loading a preset that contains a VPS - Plugin as insert FX.
- fixed a small issue with ping pong loop mode.
- fixed a timing problem in legato mode


Version 1.5.5

- fixed: black GUI after ropening the editor
- fixed: Limiter FX may cause a crash if samplerate is >44.1kHz in specifix circumstances
- minor changes


Version 1.5.4

- fixed: wrong Mod-LFO speeds at higher sample-rates
- fixed: burst noise after metrum-setting-freeze
- fixed: burst noise while anti-alias mode is set to normal or high in very specific circumstances
- fixed: previewing a preset that uses ImpulseFX could cause a crash
- fixed: plugin-hang while phalanx is active and got bypassed via the host
- fixed: a crash may occur if a FX Parameter is added twice to the ModMatrix and the whole FX chain changes while loading a fx-chain-preset



Version 1.5.3

- reworked phalanx XP content display. all installed expansions are displayed in the library-root now and are not "hidden" inside the phalanx preset folder any more.
- added audio preview for PhalanxBank files!

- added preview playback progress bar

- added copy/paste for ModMatrix
- added copy/paste for Loop settings
- fixed: black editor on MAC-VST/RTAS-32bit version.
- fixed: changing the midi channel while voices are active on a pad will no longer cause that voices to hang.
- added "save pad", "inititalize pad" and "initialize plugin" to the Memory Button

- added "set all to 1, set all incremental" to midi channel/output selector on the pads.
set all to 1 will set all pads to channel 1, set incremental will set first pad to 1, second to 2 and so on.

- added "Bank Load override" to systempage. this allows the user to disable the "This will overwrite all pads" warning, when loading bank files. Accidently overwritten banks can be still restored via the undo button

- fixed: FX Flanger unsynced LFO did not move


Version 1.5.2

- single Version does not load PhlanaxBank Files anymore and crashes while loading them.
- added frame-rate setting to phalanx system page. this can be used to reduce the cpu load of the phalanx GUI on MAC.
- fixed: loading TG Settings from a project files. Right-channel TG settings a not overwritten by the left channel.
- fixed: loading settings where the EQ was saved as bypassed, loads the EQ as bypassed correct
- minor changes


Version 1.5.1
- added: include/exclude pad for global sampleshift/random.
Added a columnto the midipage->mode matrix where user can select if none, only A, only B or both samples should be shifted.
- Metrum Mode:Preset name in the Pad Display will update now correct.
- Midi Chorder PAN is sorted into the correct group in the ModMatrix
- fixed a problem with midi message "All Notes Off" & Legato Mode
- fixed a crash where phalanx will crash durning unload while any pad is in Metrum Mode.
- fixed a problem with buffer-overrun with samplerates higher than 88kHz
- fixed a crash when arp is activated and midi notes are triggerd fastly with the editors keyboard.
- fixed a problem with wav-samples that may lead to a crash in specific circumstances


Version 1.5.0
- added TranceGate
- added Arpeggiator
- added Chorder ( adding additional voices to a voice that can be transposed seperatly )
- added Pad Sample shifter
- added global sample shifter & random
- added: mousewheel on preset browsers will load prev/next preset (i.e. FX Browsers, Arp/TG browser, Chorder browser )
- fixed VST3 unload crash
- smaller fixes


Version 1.0.8

- added the new features from EFX Bundle 1.0.3 (new distortion models, new Impulse features etc)
- added a notification that appears when GUI is opened and no content file could be found
- added sample preview for loaded samples A/B in a pad. Just click on the A B Buttons to hear the loaded sample
- added dotted and triplet notes to arpeggiator
- added a "ignore Sample Loop Information" context menu option inside the loop display
- added custom GUI scale option that can be changed on the system page
- reworked the expansion import process. Now it is not neccesary to reload Phalanx any more
- added a custom preview length, set it up on the SysPage
- unlinking loop points will set them back to correct position.
- fixed a issue in FX MB Distortion to enable a bigger range for Band 2
- fixed a problem with copy/paste for pads
- fixed a problem in VST3 where aftertouch did affect pitch bend
- fixed a problem with sample playback after changing the samplerate in a open project.
- fixed a problem with arp-note-hangs when using the arp speed modifiert (mmx-target)
- fixed a random voice hanging in retrigger mode
- fixed a problem with loop-fade time where it was not processed in specific circumstances
- loading a bankPreset does not change the selected browser view ( i.e from Drives to Lib. )
- OSX: fixed a Problem in AAX where the GUI Top was cropped and the magnifier was unreachable if the display resolution is too small
- AAX fixed a problem where Parameters did not read automation
- minor fixes and optimizations


Version 1.0.7
- restored playback behaviour if amp envelope is disabled.
- improved mod envelope accuracy
- midi note readout is displayed correct.
- fixed a denormalizing problem in FX RoomSim
- fixed a problem with voicelimit & retrigger that couses notes to hang.


Version 1.0.6
- added all parameters to automation. for compatibility all parameters are placed behind the autX parameters
- added automation notification for AutX parameters. disable->enable mod-matrix slot to send notification, so Ableton Live can list the autX parameter
- replaced Sustian on/off with EnvelopeMode. There are 3 possible modes: sustain off, sustain on, OneShot. more will come!
- Filebrowser: it is possible to close the folder with left arrow key, even if currently a file is selected.
- added adjustable voice limit to the pads. click the voicecounter and select a maximum limit
- added zoom with "Shift Left Mouse Move Mouse Up/Down"
- renamed ModSource "Midi Note" to "Midi Keyrange" to be more specific.
- fixed a problem where MIDI CC was not notified on VST3 version and Studio One.
- fixed a problem with sample end parameter where it sometimes did not stop the sample
- fixed: Freezing Metrum with another host sample rate than 44.1 kHz did produce a wrong result.
- fixed: entering the root note via keybord results in C -3.
- minor fixes.



Version 1.0.5

- fixed a problem with Cubase internal Drag and Drop that may lead to a crash with mono-files
- fixed a internal problem tht may lead to a crash when playing a sample reversed.
- fixed a random crash on specific OSX Systems.


Version 1.0.4
- added Gui-Scale feature.
click the magnifier in the top left of the gui.
select a scale. close and reopen the editor.
now the editor is scaled.
Attention, 66% is not "mathematical" optimal so it may reduce gui performance, better choose 75%.

for Retina Displays on MacBook, 50% is the native resoltuion of phalanx! it looks best at 50%


Version 1.0.3
- MAC added Cntrl Left to open context menus
- added drag'n drop from Cubase Media Bay & Arrangement Window(incl. region!).
- Pad Volume Fader can be resets with WIN: Cntrl Left, OSX: CMD Left
- LoopDisplay. "Back" button set zoom to 100% for the selected pad. not only pad 1
- added AIFF intel formated
- fixed a problem random crash when loading AIFF samples
- fixed a logic-error in Mute/Unmute/Solo functionality
- fixed a problem where inverting phase of a sample could cause a crash
- fixed a problem where voicecounter increased constantly while in metrum-freeze mode
- fixed a problem where parameters of frozen metrum are not editalbe on the pad.


Version 1.0.2
- DrumKitMode with looped samples will stop sample correct now.
- fixed a problem where a voice did not stop correct causing voice counter to increase
- fixed a problem where adjusting the Pitch-Envelope-Flip parameter could crash the DAW.
- fixed a problem that may lead to random deadlocks while loading phalanx


Version: 1.0.1
- Content folder will be created if not exsits. fixes the problem with "unknown error" during import
- fixed a crash when unloading phalanx
- fixed a random crash while browing presets.
- WIN: fixed a installer problem where the AAX Plugin folder was invisible for ProTools


Version: 1.0.0

release version